Annabel Djamardi


Animation mentor

Learning the principle of animation such as overlap, stretch and squash, timing, poses etc. Learn how to use graph editor the proper way.

Daison Avionics - Building the future

Introducing Daison Avionics platform for the new robot, Annihilator. Responsible for creating the scientist lab coat and pants in MD, modelling & animating some assets and VFX.Role: Animator, 3D modelling
Software: Autodesk Maya, Marvelous Designer

Supremacy: Nexus Trailer

A trailer to introduce the new weapons and robots for the games. All the new mech movements animated by me, Kenji mech fire animation done by me.Role: Animator
Software: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 5


Animated music video in collaboration with Blue Bear Studio & musicians McDermott & North that tells the story of a child and their friends' journey to magical places.Role: Animator
Software: Autodesk Maya

organic modeling

First time, learn to sculpt on YouTube. Creating sculpture of orc, sea creature and venom (done in 2 hrs) for uni project.Software: zbrush, After Effects

lab coat

Creating lab coat for supremacy trailer, first time using marvelous designer software, so have to learn it from YouTube.Software: marvelous designer

Dunkin ' Ring

A short animation That was done for the WAnimate 3|Thirty competition 2021. It's about a basketball competition between planets and a curious UFO that got misleading for a ball. Created and completed within a month.Role: Director, Animator
Software: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter


Visualisation of a house.Software: 3Ds max, Substance Painter, Vray

cozy bathroom

Visualisation of a bathroom with two lighting for day and nighttime.Software: 3Ds max, Vray


Parkour animation project references from Ethan twistz.Software: Autodesk Maya

The Wretched Guardian

A story of a giant mutant robot that protecting the castle from outsider for a century, trying to steal powerful treasure inside. It's an Individual project creating hard surface and environment from university.Software: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, After Effects


Visual effects' portal using nparticles.Software: Autodesk Maya

mystical temple

Mystical temple surrounding with mystical forest and creature.
An environment scene created in Unreal Engine.
Software: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4


In collaboration with Gaia it's a VR experience created by Orbital Fish, the game was created for the LiminalVR platform to evoke emotions of "AWE" by students from SAE Melbourne.Role: 3D modeller
Software: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter

Night, Night Ruby

Children's animated show Night, Night Ruby created by Catnap Creative the SAE Melbourne based animation team. Explore the production process of the show and our thought process behind its creation.Role: co-3d lead, lead animator
Software: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effects

re-animator 'the dead live once more '

Film project from uni creating title sequence. I'm choosing a horror movie called re-animator (1985), I changed the name of the roles.Software: Adobe draw, After Effects

Melbourne, VIC

Hi, my name is Annabel, I am a 3D artist based in Melbourne. I specialise in 3D Animation for character animation and body mechanics. I also enjoy modelling such as hard surface, environment and digital sculpting. I have experience in game and animation production.I admire Animation art, and keen to learn new software / tools and art styles. I am not afraid to try new things, I like challenges.


Junior Animator
ninja software | FEB 2022 - NOV 2022| full time
- responsible for blocking and polishing animations.
- animating all the new robots movements in game and trailer.
- helping other department when needed help with the modelling, texturing etc.
- testing animation in Unreal Engine 5.
- animating special animation such as dancing, victory dance, wave, idle, intro animation as well as some firing or attack animation.

3D Animator
STEPS STUDIO | Oct 2022 - present | freelance
- Animating characters from Yarra valley water (water watchers) in C4D

Liminal VR | SEP 2021 - DEC 2021 | Internship
- Created 3D assets for the environment and texturing.
- leading production, ensuring that everything stay on track.
- helping and working together with the game development using unity.

Keir 3D | 2021 - freelance
- working on architecture buildings, polishing and deleting unused object.
- making sure it's low poly with high qualities.
- working close with the CEO.

Liminal VR | Feb 2020 - mar 2020 | freelance
- Created environment 3d assets.
- worked with another 3d artist for consistency of style.

3D ARTIST, 3D animator, apprenticeship
Savier animation | AUG 2018 - JUL 2019
- learned lots of new software / tools and art style.
- Closely follow the instructor
- helping with the animation project for children's television series and visual effects.

3D ARTIST, 3D animator, apprenticeship
enspire school of digital art | JUL 2016 - AUG 2017
- learned 3d's max, creating interior and exterior design and robots
- working under mentorship.
- consistent time management, working under pressure.


3D Modelling | Texturing | 3D Animation | Lighting & Rendering | VFX | Compositing | Video Editing | Project Management | Directing


Autodesk Maya | 3d's max | C4D | zbrush | Substance Painter | mari | Marvelous designer | After Effects | Nuke | houdini | Unreal Engine | Photoshop | Premiere Pro | xnormal